Nowadays everything has become digital, for instance, the online banking process, online education, online bill payments, online shopping and so on. Based on this concept YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS LTD tied up with its digital wing named as LOGIN INDIA has been involved in selling and supporting its digitized products and services. By involving information technology for online cabs, YELLOW EXPRESS spreading the importance of the internet and allowing people to know about various online activities to transform this country into a very great digitally empowered society. YELLOW EXPRESS LOGISTICS aimed to offer online cabs and services through an electronic medium by inspiring technology and to create opportunities for Indian people and allowing them to understand the importance of digital India concept.

A productive idea abstracted by Yellow Express Logistics Ltd acknowledges the state of affairs to be addressed to leverage upon the skillfulness and origin for this aristocratic cause. Yellow Express Logistics Ltd working effortlessly about its plan and systematically going towards the execution of its concept of digitization of small cities across India as a center of excellence. We always wanted to reach out to every citizen at the grass root level. Our aim is to spread knowledge about online activities without any discrimination of educated or uneducated, rich or poor or any cast or region, we will teach you to understand the effective use of technology that will tone up your knowledge. Yellow Express Logistics group strongly believes in digitization to the maximum in all areas is the only way to develop our nation which creates more taxpayers as well as increases the income of government and also reduces the corruption rate.

Our Vision

Yellow Express Logistics Ltd has a goal to make every Indian log on to the computer, smart phones or tablet for making use of all the online services and products mainly online cab applications of leading online taxis through Yellow Express. This will be an enormous profit for the people and India as a whole and that is what we do by Login India which is the company associated with us. Yellow Express Logistics Ltd delivers the solutions that help to accomplish the digital dream of normal people who is looking forward to making use of online technology.

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No - 6162, Login India Campus, Nelamangala, Bangalore-562123.

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